Kids R.A.A.P. After School Program

Student tutoring

The Kids Reaching Academic Achievement Program offers student one on one tutoring, help with homework and team-building. This after school program is designed for students struggling in Math and Reading Comprehension. We support parents who desire to help their child succeed in their education.

In addition to our tutoring and help with homework services, our program offers kid pick from local schools and we serve the kids a snack and drink.

Kids Reaching Academic Achievement Program was started 6 years ago with one teacher and 4 kids. We currently have several students and a staff of teachers in our after school program, and we hope to increase our numbers in the fall of 2017. Our goal is to be able to expand our tutoring program to cover additional subjects.

Faith Open Door Community Center recognized a need for an after-school program in the community and provided a safe and caring place to meet this need. Kid Reaching Academic Achievement Program started six years ago and over these years this program has shown consistent improvement in our kid’s grades and testing performance.

This is the current Kids R.A.A.P After School Program schedule:

1. We pick up the kids from school

2. We serve each child a square meal (snack and drink)

3. Help with homework

4. Tutoring (Students will be tutored in ONE subject each day for 40-minutes

5. Fun activities/free play (team building)

6. Dismiss at 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Please contact Faith Open Door Community Center at the number listed below if you have any questions, or would like enrollment information. Help us to continue to grow our program and get our kids on a successful education path.

Thanks for showing an interest in our program. Please spread the word about the great things that we are doing at Faith Open Door Community Center.

Faith Open Door CommunityFaith Open Door Community Center

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