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Open Your Heart

What Faith Open Door Community Center Is All About

Reaching the youth, parents and family all over the city of Riverdale, Jonesboro, College Park, Morrow and surrounding Atlanta area who are struggling with everyday life situations and circumstances! We are a community service development program that simultaneously addresses several urgent needs that many low-income youth and communities face. Faith Open Door Community Center started operation June 2009 and is established to provide mentoring for the youth in Clayton County. We have created programs to develop positive attitudes for young people by encouraging them to reach their full potential and becoming productive citizens in their communities.

Open Your Heart

Leadership Team

  • Our Mission

    The mission of Faith Open Door Community Center is to provide youth development programs that promote high academic achievement and reduce obesity in creating a better quality of life for today’s youth.
  • Our Vision

    The vision of Faith Open Door Community Center is to motivate and inspire positive attitudes for youth ages five to nineteen, socially in a safe and secure environment to develop their full potential as individuals.

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