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Help Us Re-Open Our Kitchen

$ 50000

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$ 49990 to go

Help Us Re-Open Our Kitchen

Faith Open Door Community Center has launched a campaign to raise funds to re-open its on-site kitchen.  Currently, instead of preparing meals to feed over 500 children a week in our own kitchen, we must outsouce this duty to a vending company.

The cost of outsourcing this task is exorbitant and we are not able to operate much longer under these conditions. We need our kitchen back!

If we were able to fix the meals in our own kitchen, we would save a LOT of money and we would be able to feed a lot more children in our community.

Your donations will go towards purchasing a commercial refrigerator, a milk cooler, an air conditioner, and  a hot water tank.

We cannot do this without you and we cannot continue to feed the children without the new equipment.  We have a lot of kids that depend on us daily for their meals.  Without the meals we serve, some may not eat that day.  It is important work we do and your donation will help improve the lives of thousands of children in Riverdale County. 

Rest assured, your donation will go towards real children, real projects, and most importantly will keep the doors open at Faith Open Door Community Center.

We can’t do it without you!

Thank you for your support and know that you are contrinuting to a worthy cause that changes lives everyday.

For more information, please visit us at

Founded in 2009, the mission of Faith Open Door Community Center is to provide a better quality of life for the Clayton County community and surrounding areas by giving them an alternative to crime, drugs, and violence; and prepare them for a better tomorrow.

Our program ensures that children have a place to go to get much needed food during the summer and school months.  We feed over 500 children a week – giving them much needed nutrition to keep them going throughout the day.   Hundreds of families in our county have been fed by Faith Open Door Community Center. As an extension of our food pantry service, we served 220 families at our 2016 Thanksgiving event. We also, served 200 families at our 2016 Christmas event. In addition to feeding 200 families, we partnered with Toys for Tots and gave out over 200 toys to the children at our Christmas event